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Kozy Pet Products Cat Tents

Cat tents come in a variery of colors and patterns. We carry extra large tents. For additional sizes, ask a staff member.

Scratch Lounge

The Scratch Lounge is a feline favorite! Come get yours today!

FeliwayFeliway Multicat

We use Feliway throughout our cat center and also carry both the Original and Multicat formulas for our clients to use at home.

Kinn Bowl Kinn Bowl Refills

The Kinn Bowl is ideal for kitties that are prone to feline chin acne, allergies or just messy eaters.

Paw Brothers Dematting Brush

This de-matter/de-shedder brush works wonders on any coat length, brushing out heavy undercoats as well as removing small mattes & tangles.

His Purrs Blue

Matching "His" & "Purrs" T-Shirts. What better way to show your love!

His Purrs Pink

His Purrs Red

"I Love Rescue Cats" Matching T-Shirts.

Tailio Device

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