Why Trust Us?


Why Our Clients Trust Their Cats to Us

We love cats. We are also quite fond of people who love cats. We designed our cats-only boarding to be a place we would want to take our own cats (who actually ARE here).

We don't sell cat boarding--we sell peace of mind. We care for your cats like we care for ours. That's why, since 2000, our clients go on their first vacation in years or head off to a family reunion returning to tell us they didn't worry one bit about their precious furry family members.

We put in all the things we wanted and made sure the things we didn’t want aren’t there:

  • Roomy quarters. No tiny veterinary boxes for our babies. We have big, bigger and even bigger digs for your cats—from walk-in condos to entire private suites.
  • Clean, clean, clean. We just HATE the smell of a cat box. Even when it’s not pathogenic, it just seems like nobody cares. So we make sure our facilities are spotless. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that cleanliness makes for a healthy environment, too.
  • Enrichment. No, that doesn’t mean a class in Crocheting for Cats. Just because cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day doesn’t mean they don’t want something interesting to do the rest of the time. That’s why we give them:
    • Daily bird watching. We have lots of finches in rolling cages who have been hired to entertain our guests.
    • Catnip video. Big screen and flat screen televisions provide continuous showing of videos specially designed to entertain cats with birds, squirrels, chipmunks, video lasers and more.
    • Quiet. Don’t get us wrong; we love dogs. We just don’t need them at the cat center. We call it the “bark-free zone.” But we do encourage purring along to the spa music.
  • Veterinary care.
    • All the vet care you won’t need. Because we are veterinarians, we’re on call and/or on the premises all the time. We’re always checking intake and output (yes, we like to examine the litter boxes). We don’t want any idiopathic cystitis, hepatic lipidosis, stress diabetes on our watch. But if we can’t prevent 100% of those type of things, we can treat them right away.
    • All the vet care you will need. If your cat has special medical needs, we’re here for you. Diabetes, kidney disease or other non-contagious conditions are no roadblock to boarding. We also get lots of senior cats, some more than 20 years old, who keep coming back.
  • Private playtime. Individual, monitored time outside the condos to play and explore.
  • No communal co-mingling. Communal cat care is bad for your cat. Cats are not small dogs. Veterinarians don’t mix cats belonging to different clients. Communal cat housing increases stress; increased stress puts the adrenal glands on overtime and compromises the immune system. What does that mean? Simply put, communal housing increases the chances boarding cats will get sick. We NEVER house your cats with anyone else’s cat because:
    • Increased risk of illness.
    • Increased risk of fighting.
    • Decease in appetite, potentially triggering hepatic lipidosis, the potentially fatal fatty liver disease triggered by not eating.
    • Our inability to monitor cats individually.

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